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Digital Innovation for Low-Carbon Future ?C ?????г?????????????????? Appeared on 2023 Smart Energy Conference
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On July 27, 2023, "2023 Smart Energy Conference & Excellent Project Case Release" took place in Shanghai, where ?????г?????????????????? Co., Ltd. (???????г????????????????????) attended as a strategic co-organizer.

The Conference, with focus on the application and promotion of integrated smart energy scenarios under hot issues in the industry, introduced the Smart Energy Casebook (2023).

?????г????????????????????s projects - Intelligent Distributed Source-Load Aggregation Service Platform of China Southern Power Grid and Source, Grid, Load, and Storage Intelligent Energy System of Shengli Oilfield submitted by ?????г?????????????????? were titled ??Excellent Smart Energy Demonstration Project??.

Dong Wenjie, Director of ?????г?????????????????? Integrated Energy Business Unit, shared a keynote speech on ??Source, Grid, Load, and Storage Intelligent Energy System of Shengli Oilfield", underlining the significance of leveraging the superior resources of Shengli Oilfield on source, grid, load, and storage in all links like thermal power, new energy, purchased power, power grid, flexible production and storage and called for coordination and optimal value in the whole chain of energy generation, supply, and use based on the real-time tariff and incentive mechanism for the purpose of low-carbon and high-quality development of oilfields.

?????г?????????????????? demonstrated its unique solutions and cases in integrated energy and virtual power plants, energy storage, and new energy with the theme of ??Digital Innovation for Low-Carbon Future??. Pan Yuelong, Chairman of the Supervisory Board of China Electricity Council and President of China Electricity Technology Market Association, Shi Yubo, President of China Energy Research Society, Wang Jiye, Deputy Chief Informant Engineer of State Grid, Huang Zhen, academician of Chinese Academy of Engineering, Jin Hongguang, academician of Chinese Academy of Sciences, and other leaders and experts visited ?????г????????????????????s stand with valuable comments.